Techleons 2020
Battle of Arcade

Department of Computer Science presents Techleons 2020!
It is an intra-department fest that provides a platform to students in
honing their technical and non-technical skills through a wide array of events.
1 Day - 6 Teams - 14 Events
Are you ready to play, fight, destroy and conquer the arcade?



Bowser is out to conquer the mushroom kingdom,
Pave the way for Super Mario to save Princess Peach and her mushroom kingdom.


The Red Falcon Organisation is strategizing to wipe out humanity from Galuga Island! Help Bill and Lance to destroy the enemy forces and uncover the true nature of the alien committee controlling them.



Be the eyes for Pacman and help him feed his appetite, before the ghosts get to feed theirs.


Cruising through the streets of the city to powering through the harsh Napa Valley,
Avoid getting busted @200kmph!


Lend a hand to our beloved blue hedgehog as he battles against Robotnik, who fantasizes building his Eggman Empire.


Become the undefeated champion in this combat!
Test your brain and brawn to claim the title of King of Iron Fist Tournament.